About Us

Safarway is a UAE-European company that was established in 2018, it has launched the first and largest Arab platform and application that provides rich and up-to-date content in the field of travel using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, big data and cloud computing.

Safarway is the perfect travel guide and trip planner app for Arab travelers, as it is the only application that serves nearly 300 million Arabic speakers around the world, and provides them with valuable and comprehensive tourist information about various tourist destinations and the best tourist attractions to visit around the world, in addition to useful travel tips, such as the best time to travel to all tourist destinations around the world.

Safarway also provides the best offers for hotel and accommodation reservations, and employs artificial intelligence to suggest destinations and places worth visiting in different countries to suit the interests of each user, and provides Arab travelers with an ideal tool to plan a tourist trip and build the perfect travel itinerary that includes the best tourist places in the world from A to Z. The application also includes a travel social network to connect with all travel enthusiasts from the Arab world, in addition to dozens of other features that make it the best travel application deservedly!

Top tools and features of Safarway, which were developed specifically to assist travelers:

Social Network

Share your trips and travel experiences, earn points and win valuable prizes!

Safarway is the first Arabic travel application that includes a social network dedicated to travel, where you can share your interesting trips, post photos and videos to help other travelers, get points and exchange them for valuable prizes!

Information about tourist destinations

The application includes a special section with information about tourist destinations around the world and provides you with information about the best months to visit, the currency used, local time, and daily temperatures, in addition to other important information that you must know about every tourist destination before traveling, such as the cost of living and the best accommodation options.

Information about the best tourist attractions in the world

The application includes a special section with information about all tourist attractions around the world, and provides all necessary information about different tourist attractions, malls, restaurants, museums, amusement parks, etc.


The Maps feature allows you to explore and search for top attractions around you on the map wherever you are, see how far they are from you and how to reach them, including historical sites, museums, shopping malls, entertainment centers, restaurants, etc.

Things to do

Through this feature, each user can enter the name of the destination that interests them (country or city) and the application will display a list of the best things to do and places to visit in that destination, sorted by most popular and recommended.

Top recommended restaurants

Through this feature, each user can enter the name of the destination that interests them (country or city) and the application will display a list of the best restaurants in that destination, sorted by most popular and recommended.

Bank of Points

Safarway gives you the chance to collect points through your interaction within the application. These points are recorded in the Bank of Points, where you can convert them into many prizes and valuable gifts or discounts on hotel reservations.

Reviews and Ratings

Through the user reviews and ratings feature in the application, you can determine whether a place or a tourist attraction is worth a visit or not before heading to it by reading user reviews and ratings for the place, and you can also share your own review about the place to benefit other travelers.

Hotel reservations service

Book your hotel at the lowest prices and earn lots of points!

Through the application, you can book a room at the best hotels and resorts around the world at economical prices when traveling to your favorite tourist destination.


Through the Wishlist feature, you can save all the sights and attractions you like for future reference. Whenever you need these saved items, you can find them under your Wishlist on your account and add them to your trip itinerary when you plan your next trip. You can also view this list on the map to determine the distances and routes between each item.

Travel Articles

Explore a wide range of travel articles that give you more information you need to know before traveling to destinations around the world, plus important travel tips from experienced travelers and travel experts.

Trip Planner (under development)

The trip planner is a smart tool through which you can build a complete trip itinerary according to your desires and interests with the push of a button, then save it on your profile to get back to it whenever you need it and view it on the map, with the possibility to write notes under each day and each attraction.

Business Portal

Safarway offers all business owners (restaurants, stores, shopping centers, hotels, travel agencies, etc.) a special section called ‘Business Portal’, through which they can add their business or claim its ownership and manage their page on Safarway. By joining Business Portal for free, you will get the chance to tell your story in your own words, in addition to the ability to upload unique photos, respond to comments and questions, update information about your business (such as opening hours and phone number) and many more advantages that will allow your business to grow and reach a large segment of users who will quickly convert into customers. The Business Portal will also give you the opportunity to see what is happening on your page in real time, in addition to tracking clicks and page visits and learning more about your potential customers.

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